Contact your council member

With your support, we are going to Make Lincoln Fair! Contact the Council in 3 simple steps:

  1. WRITE your message using the tips below. Form letters will likely get caught in the city’s spam filter.
  2. SEND an email to ALL city council members through this email: This ensures your comments are part of the public record.
  3. REPLY to the verification email email you receive as part of the city’s spam filter.


  • If you have a story of discrimination, please share it with the council members, then share it at
  • Keep your message as brief as possible, no more than 500 words in most cases. Less can be more.
  • If you are a person of faith or a business owner, please include that in your message.
  • Refer to the ordinance as the Fairness Ordinance. The key message is that if you are a great worker, you should have a fair workplace. The Fairness Ordinance ensures that people will be judged based on their ability to do their job, not who they are.
  • Use respectful language and keep your email focused on your support for the Fairness Ordinance. Talking about the opposition or other city council items will only distract from building a case of support for the ordinance.
  • Saying why you support the ordinance is your strongest point!

Make sure you have filled-out the “contact the city council” form to help us know what council districts are speaking-up for fairness! After you have contacted the council, encourage others to do the same: